We cross paths with so many people on a daily basis. That number is higher than ever today because the path we travel has expanded to the virtual world. This definitely is a good thing because we are able to “meet” amazing people and personalities with just the click of a button. But, it’s up to us – you, me, we – to push that button, walk out that door and begin the journey, continue on the path.

Not everyone believes in fate – destiny – magic. Scientists (a legit scientist…and former lover…from Italy…yes, I did my research…) will tell you that fate doesn’t make sense because human beings make choices that lead to our actions. I am of the opinion that our fate is already destined for us. However, our choices within our circumstances determine our happiness and success in our little, individual worlds.

So, when we cross paths with strangers, whether it be for one second, one year, or 10 years, that circumstance was destined for us. It’s up to us to choose how we will navigate that relationship.

In some ways, I think, as humans, we are all lost. At birth we begin this journey on a path and we start to meet other lost people along the way who are on their paths. Some of those people, when we meet them, might be looking for something specific. Others might be wandering aimlessly. And some people might be looking, but they just don’t know what they are looking for.

Regardless of how, when, or where you meet people, exploring with someone is an exhilarating feeling. I must admit that even when we cross paths with people for just a second, realizing that whatever deity or power that holds our beliefs placed us in that moment…I feel a surge of warm energy flow through my veins. Good or bad, I was meant to meet that individual. It is meaningful…that makes it powerful.

Genuine connection is a valuable experience, but it can be hard to attain and retain. Each person we cross paths with is kind of like running our ship (Titanic…Leo, my heart <3) into an iceberg. Some of those people we will be fortunate enough (yes, fortunate) to sink our ship into and find the meat of the ‘berg…all the way to the end at the depths of the ocean while others we might barely scratch their surface.

I do know this, throughout this journey {so far} I’ve picked up, been picked up, dropped off, been thrown off, and sure as hell just fucking stopped along this path. It’s not painted yellow-brick. It might be purple. There are definitely flowers along most of it.

I want to WELCOME the Gypsy Souls, Wanderers, Lone Wolves …and all others currently derailed looking at the flowers or maybe walking on someone else’s path and joining someone else’s journey. That’s okay! But, don’t forget who YOU are…don’t forget to leave bread crumbs to your purple, flowered path.

At some point, you might find that fate and choice will have you going separate ways.

But, no matter what…there are always voices out there echoing in the mountains reminding you that you are not alone.